Bad Girls Villians  9/1

Bad Girls Villians 9/1

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Press at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds. Medium pressure. HOT PEEL

These come ready to press on clear film transfer paper for easy application. You can't mess these transfers up they are so easy to press. We do recommend using a heat press.  House hold iron wont work. You don't need to calibrate your heat press to use these.  Don't worry about getting a test transfer because you don't need one with these. Can press on any color garment 100% cotton/100% polyester/tri-blends and more.

No Washing instructions because we finally have a transfer you can wash and dry! wow that's amazing! Just use the normal care instructions that come with your garments.  Wait 48-72 to wash. Washing inside out and avoiding fabric softeners will extend the life of  the transfer.

By purchasing you agree that the process for the application of our transfers is your responsibility and we not refund due to user error. There is a learning curve to heat pressing and transfers and every heat press is different.

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