Square MDF Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blank

Square MDF Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blank

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These are TWO PART Square Shaped Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blanks.  You get the MDF hardboard square and you also get a square shape self adhesive magnet you put on AFTER you sublimate.

Why is this better? Many companies will sell you a 1-piece MDF/magnet back combo already attached together. The problem with this is that when you heat a magnet, it loses its strength and can often de-magnetize. We prefer 2 separate parts so you can just easily place your magnet on like a self adhesive sticker AFTER you heat press your square has cooled.

  • 2" x 2"
  • 2 parts: Hardboard MDF square and a self-adhesive magnet you add on after you sublimate

Directions to sublimate:

  1. Remove the protective film on the front of your magnet before you sublimate
  2. Make your artwork at least 1/4" wider than you magnet
  3. Heat tape your art to your magnet
  4. Cover your artwork with butcher paper
  5. 380 degrees for 50 seconds. Light/medium pressure
  6. Adhere your magnet to the back of your hardboard shape after it has cooled

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